The commitment to the new generations

Contec for children

A company is a community of women and men extended to their families. We are our family, our children: the link between the past and what will be in the years to come. The company is not just the iron of the workshop or the office computer, but the journey of a train where you can recognize the noises of the kitchen at home and where the children’s voice is the sound of celebration and our hope. To talk about children and with children, Contec, together with the “Nives” association, has decided to open a page on its website. The aim is to help our employees find stimuli and creative tools to increase the happy moments to spend with them. To bring children closer to the house, we thought of fairy tales. In fact, what is more beautiful than sitting on the edge of the bed and listening to an audio book before a good night? But children are quicksilver: the races on the meadows, the curiosity of an encounter, the wonder that is reflected in their big eyes. With Nives we take children out of the house, around the city, to a museum, to a farmhouse where it is possible to share the art and beauty of nature. In short, we at Contec do not want to forget about the children. In children we see the enlarged contours of the large corporate family and the wonderful certainties of our tomorrow.