The souls that make up Contec

Innovation and research to keep up with the times

We specialize in high-tech electrical and instrumentation construction and processing. Alongside this area, Contec has a proven track record in mechanical plant engineering, operating mainly in the Oil & Gas, New Energy, Heavy Construction, Chemical and Power Generation sectors. Specific production and engineering capabilities, combined with a mentality strongly increased to the achievement of results, enabling them to fully meet customers’ objectives, in terms of time and quality. All in full compliance with the requirements referred to safety, health and environmental protection.

With the company Mitel, we are also part of Global Consortium, a player engaged in the creation of large-scale modularizations. Our participation in Global Consortium enables us to offer a comprehensive service in the field of construction and plant installation. Complementary features, skills acquired over time, financial stability and deep experience of management, technicians and operators ensure high quality standards, with the ability to contain time and costs of each project. Contec thus presents itself as a reliable partner, always able to guarantee high-performance, state-of-the-art solutions in line with the different needs coming from the markets.