Reliable solutions and services

Contec is a key partner

The expertise developed over the years allows Contec to stand out in the market today as a player with high added value. Products and solutions which, thanks to the ongoing updating of technologies and regulations in force, allow us to be a point of reference for companies in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, energy, electromechanical, steel and aviation sectors.


Contec's solutions follow a path that stretches from conception to implementation and subsequent use, passing through the relevant studies to ensure timescales and costs are met: feasibility study, investigations and preliminary activities, design, implementation and testing. We are able to assist the customer throughout the different phases, providing project and construction management services, as well as professional and full engineering services. When it comes to project management, Contec can work in synergy with the end-customer, planning and managing the study and design stages. Conversely, the professional and engineering services can be either provided in an integrated manner or just for individual specialist services, depending on the customer's requirements: general design and supervision of works, structural architecture and electrical installations.

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Electrical installations

Contec has a wealth of experience in delivering electrical installations in the industrial, civil and service sectors. Our qualified and specialised technicians are able to flexibly work on projects ranging from large-scale installations within industrial facilities to small solutions for private individuals and commercial activities.We also have specific know-how in the implementation of installations in contexts with special requirements: environments with explosion hazards, turbine and compressor installations, LV and instrument panels, public entertainment venues, safety installations, fire detection, lightning protection and public lighting.

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Instrumentation systems

Contec specialises in the installation of electrical and instrumentation systems on turbines and compressors, refineries, pumping and compressor stations, gas and hydrocarbon deposits. We also provide plant maintenance with "global service" contracts and instrument calibration with the relevant certification. The constant updating of the technology used in accordance with the applicable regulations enables Contec to offer a service that always meets the highest technical and quality standards.

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Lightweight carpentry

Contec manufactures light metal structures such as supports, walkways, stairs, etc. We also produce structural carpentries of any complexity for installations in the energy and petrochemical sectors. In this area, our technicians' skills and expertise are combined in partnership with leading Italian production sites (some of which have Ge Oil & Gas certification). Further investments in this specific area have enabled the completion of the technical and organisational structure: from order management to technical management and quality control, from logistics to safety. From the engineering point of view, we guarantee full coverage of all technical and documentary requirements, covering general studies, general arrangement, static and dynamic calculations, overall and detailed drawings.

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